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HDT VL Sport Rollcall...

Following on from the HDT LE RollCall thread, I thought I might find out how many HDT Sports were out there:

List So far:
Can Anyone Fill in the blanks???


4055 Blue, Berlina, (RollCage)
4057 Eucembene Blue, Calais (Plates MSCHDT, Repsrayed Ebony Black)
4065 Alpine White, Calais
4069 Alpine White, Calais
4088 Alpine White, Calais (Converted to 2 door)
4089 Marrinello Red, Berlina (SLOW6)
4098 Ebony Black, Calais (Converted to Twin Turbo - Magazine Article)
4101 (Duplicate?) Alpine White Calais, (Plates CNR 726, later HDTCS) LE/Sport Kit with Group 3 sig. series front bar fctory.
4121 Asteroid Silver, Calais (HDT-30L)
4122 Asteroid Silver, Calais
4131 Alpine White,_____ (3BROCK Information)
4169 Alpine White, Berlina (Katsa's)
4186 Alpine White, Berlina
4104 Alpine White, Calais, (Plates CNR 726 later HDTCS)
4105 Marinello, Calais (Plates TB969)
4225 Alpine White, Calais
4235 Alpine White, Berlina (Colour Coded Taillights, Group 3 rear skirt)
____ Asteroid Silver, Calais (Plates EZI11z/JETHDT)
____ Asteroid Silver, Calais (Unknown Build No.)
____ Asteroid Silver, Calais (Plates MAK-03L)
____ Tuxedo Black, Calais (Plates OTM407)
4153 Cardinal Red, Calais (Plates N8000)
____ Marinello Red Calais (Plates TB969)
____ Alpine White (NLV884)
____ Marinello Red Calais (1980s Commodore Magazine "Calais Turbo Sport")
____ Blue Berlina, Modern Motor Press Car
____ Alpine White Calais (1980s HDT Press Photo)

V8 4.9L:

3912 Marinello Calais, (Plates BROCK2)
4014 Asteroid Silver Calais, Momo Stars lip kit (plates 05 HDT)
4067 Maroon, Calais (Group A Front Bar featured on HDT DVD and early bodykit brochures)
4076 1987 VL Calais Sport Burgundy 4.9 V8 Trimatic 3 Spd Auto HDT Milano Wheels (VS Aero), 9 Inch VL LE Kit, VL Group A front.
4104 Asteroid Silver, Calais
4107 Kimberly Bronze, Calais
4112 Marinello Calais Sport (Group A Front Momo Stars Group A scoop)
_____Marinello Calais (Group A Front HDT Factory photo)
4128 Marinello, Calais Momo Stars (Plates PP1987)
4131 SL Sport with Calais trim (Custom Paint)
4138 Marinello Calais, Red 4.9 V8 Trimatic 3spd Auto,Sunroof, LE kit, Group A Front, fog light covers, 16x8 Momos in full colour code (QNC237/RARE05 Plates)
4147 1987 VL Calais Sport White 4.9 V8 Trimatc 3 Spd Auto 16x7 Momo Stars Modified Engine
4158 Maroon (Scheels)
4167 1988 VL Calais Sport Burgundy 4.9 V8 Grey Scheel HDT Milano wheels. 9 inch 104000k's at Jun '97
4174 ____,_____ (3BROCK Information)
4183 Maidera Red, SL
4196 VL Sport Burgundy 4.9 V8 5 speed 16x7 Momo Stars Grey Leather Scheels CD Player Original HDT sunroof, HDT papers.
4284 Alpine White, Calais
____ Marinello (Plates BROCK, 5000kms)
____ Asteroid Silver, Calais (plates BEE-14B/UVN-351)

V8 5.6L/6.0L:

4101 Alpine White, Berlina (6.0L)
4100 Alpine White, Calais (5.6L Wagon)
4106 Morning Blue, Calais (5.6L Wagon)
4136 Mulberry, Calais (5.6L T5g)

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