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Done a bit more homework and spoke to a few guys.. heres what im thinking for my new setup. shooting for 250kw region, a quick street car.
-A6, new rings.
-decomp'd 8.5:1
-t04e turbo, exe gate, hi mount
-modded na plenum to forward facing + XF TB
-Baby cam.. some description of a tx1/wade 818
-3" dumpy back
-550cc injectors + 044 pump
-Front mount
-33 manual behind it and a locker VLT diff

whattta yaz reckonnnnnn

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Ive had my cars for two years today Bought it on 9/9/09 when i was 16.. it was destined to run 9s! Sure has come a long way. If id seen a picture of my car in two years time when i first bought it i wouldnt believe it haha
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