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304ci and counting.
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yeah, VIC is great for finding good VL-T's with atleast 220rwkw...

Coincedently, my mate in Geelong (VIC) is selling his 87 BT1 VL-T...
front mount
resprayed 8 months ago (absynth yellow, silver bumpers)
brand new $2000 3spd jatco, built by Keas
full rebuild at 100,000kms (done 30,000 since)
3in turbo back exhaust
chaser rims and original VL-T hubcaps
highflowed T03/04
running 14psi, making 240rwkW

me wants but cant afford
Forget manuals.. Automagic all the way baby!
Datsun B310 Coupe - Absynth Yellow - RB30ET
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