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04 would be d4d yes?
If so a 3inch exhaust from manta and a chip is your best bet for a power gain.
Chip it in WA are one of the better ones.
Another mod is a catch can. They have an egr system and they like to clog up the intercooler and intake with sludge. You cannot block the egr. Racor do an excellent universal catch can. It's a racor 4550. You can run any type of catch can that isn't vented to atmosphere.
A water seperator inline with the fuel filter is a must to protect the fuel pump and injectors.

Have you had your injectors and seals replaced?
They're renowned for using an inferior seal in the older d4d's which bleed fuel passed the injectors and mix with the oil. This clogs up the oil pickup in turn lunching you motor.
Baileys diesel service do a replacement kit for this. It's around th $2500 mark.

Get a scangauge as well. It tells you everything your car is doing. A good investment for under $300ish

Can't think of much else but I'm sure there is something I have missed.

Check out pradopoint and for more info.
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