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Read Here: How To Create A Cruise!!!

This thread is to all the newbies on CT who want to organise a cruise!


First of all you have to plan out the following

1. Were the cruise is going to: There are many good places that you can cruise to, just have a look at where some of the previous cruises have been

As a warning to you all by no means should a cruise end up at chappel st or the likes as no-one wants trouble with the law etc.....

2. Date of the Cruise: Common sense here is the key, the best idea is to plan ahead, its no use posting up a cruise 1 day before it is on, ppl need time to get there cars ready time off work etc

3. Directions of Cruise: Make sure Malways ref are printed clearly so everyone can understand them, also pictures can help also

4. Time of Departure/Meet: Make the times reasonable so it give ppl time to get to the meet points, common sense is the answer here ppl

5. Meet Points: Generally this is like big carparks, or other places most ppl know in melb, eg Bell St Maccas etc....

6. Rules for the cruise: Ok sometime ppl make up rules for the cruise, but most ppl that have been on previous cruizes know the drill,this could be
- No burnouts, drifting, donuts or other associated illegal activities
- No Speeding or Racing
- No drink driving
- No Reckless driving of any sort

Hopefully this all helps you out in making up cruises for CT

Also thanks to Nath (ZANJARA) for helping create this thread.
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