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Well pulled my motor out last sunday and started to strip it down! Pulled number 1 slug out and found my problem, a nicely bent Rod!!!! So it will cop a new bottom end. Then for some reason friday night at the pub i got a bad idea to find a stocko engine and throw together to cruise around at xmas. Picked up a $150 thrasher saturday night and yesterday i stripped it down. Put my good head and arp head bolts in place, with a new monotorque head gasket. My hotside (gtw3884) and plenum and bolt ons are now on the a6 s2. Putting the motor in this week and booked in for a tune this coming saturday at JW follwed by Roll Racing or Test n Tune that night lol!!!! Not a bad effort.

What hp do you think it may make?

Stock Bottom End a6 s2 (9.1)
Mild Porterd head with .480 lift cam
High Mount 6 Boost Mani & Gtw3884 (15 - 20) pound
1650 cc inj
E85 !!!
Ill be happy with 350 / 400 rwhp.....
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