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So we made it out to the Track for Saturdays Bracket Meeting, First up I wanted to take some time and get the Girlfriend a few laps down the track in the Corona Wagon as it was her first ever time Racing a car,

She put down 3 laps with her first pass being 9.98 @66mph (1/8th Mile) and ran a P.B 9.8 @ 68 mph, That was N/A as I wanted her to get used to it before I Put a 50 shot on the mighty v6 Buick Engine....

Happy with Britts Passes it was then my time to have some fun ! First Pass with the new setup. Was abit nervous and didn't do much of a skid, as I hadn't even drove the car before racing it with the bigger Turbo, Spooled it up on the line, a lazy 1.55 60ft on 26 x 8.5 x 15 inch slicks on the 15 x 7 inch Pursuits, it went 6.66 @ 100 mph, Short shifting and spinning har in top gear so I backed off. 2nd pass out I changed tyre pressures from 13 pound to 11. bit better skid, 1.53 60ft with a .033 reaction and man it was a handleful when it came on boost. At one stage I was looking at the centre line, than left hand wall and nearly crossed the centre line at the finish line!!! Man its a handful to drive now. got very loose when I backed off, went 6.300 @ 112mph.

It was time then to give the Corona some nitrous before Qualifing finished. It went 8.84 @ 78 mph with a 50 shot and the Bottlo was only at 700 pound pressure, 2.09 60ft. It was then time for Eliminations, We Dialed the Corona in at 8.75 seconds in the Street Bracket. She Drilled her opponent on the tree with a .030 Reaction time but at around 3/4 Track there was a loud Bang and Lots of White Smoke.

She still won the race, 9.00 @60mph. So the Corona was out of action and it was up to me.

Previous Pass in Qualifing 6.300 @ 112 mph

First Round of Racing in Fast Street never went to plan!!! Dialed in at 6.30 seconds, I jumped the light (Red Lighted) and the car pulled hard right towards the wall.

Checked it all out and changed the Tyre Pressure on the Slicks, Got to Grudge Race my good friends with there WB Pannelvan, That they built in a few weeks, Dyno tunned Friday arvo @ 610 rwhp, LS2 Stock Engine with a GT4088 and 11 Pound Boost. Mine Launched hard and straight as a die 6.25 @ 113.81 MPH P.B to There 6.90 @ 99 MPH.

Sunday for the 6 BangerNats, Britt Brought a cheap v6 VT Commy so she could keep racing. She ended up winning 2/3 In the Racing and ran a P.B 10.98 @ 62 mph. That Wrapped up a awesome weekend.

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Started Pulling the V6 out of the Corona wagon 2 x sundays ago with the help of my Girlfriend and younger cousin to find it in sad shape.

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