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I spend way too much time on this thing lol, I should really be studying instead but anyway I just got my pink slip and rego done today! Detailed the car - wash and first time I've polished the whole thing - came up MINT! Cleaned the interior (Made good use of the Jiff) and I have fallen back in love with the car now seeing it all back together in its clean 80s glory.

Bled the brakes and topped up the P/S fluid and a few other things and it's much better to drive now. Still have to put my boot badges on and unfortunately my replacement tail light didn't get here on time so I had to put the old gear back in for my pink slip but when I finally get my tail light I'll repaint them and the garnish and it should be all good.

Didn't really take many pics while working on it but I got these, lol. She was looking pretty sad for awhile there...

Cheers, Alex.
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