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Thanks Darren & Luke.

Mattlads...."based on the street version" - how about using that 8 years of reading to design 7 manifolds before you are happy with one, flow test them all, and then see how you go. You arent the first to copy or to use mine as a base. I just had another Vic workshop 3 weeks ago ask me for measurements of my Street version plenums....

Don't worry, this isn't the first time that mine have been copied and sold on and certainly wont be the last.

I have considered casting but it isnt worth due to the lack of flexibility hence the full cnc plenums. I know for a fact that the cast plenums offered by other companies costs from as little a $150 per plenum and are then charged at approx 1000. That doesnt even cover the material cost of my street version plenums, let alone, the machining, welding, blasting etc etc that is involved and mine sell for 990 delivered anywhere in Oz.

Morgz, how do you know it is not a restriction? Jamming more boost to make power doesnt mean it is not restricted. I will bet my left testicle that if I put one of my manifolds on any car utilisiing the standard top half, albiet modified, they will make the more power at the same boost.....GUARANTEED. I recently seen a drop of 10psi to make the same power on a car with a cylinder head and intake manifold change. That is a measure of the restriction that is no longer there.
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