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I would leave the mounting face for the throttle body bare so that people can drill there own mounting holes and put what ever throttle body they like on. the mounting face would have to of been machined flat first obviously so that a seal between the casting and the throttle body can occur.

The ford throttle bodies are still popular on many set ups due to there availability and price. i think there off XF Falcons and are around 75mm which i think is a fairly common intercooler pipe size. 75mm is just smaller than 3".

Another problem you may find is that the people making the cast may want a minimum order. I do not know how much casting things cost but i would assume it is not cheap process and making a one off would not be cost effective for them, that is unless your happy to cover all their costs.

JPC performance have made a complete cast intake for the RB30. maybe its worth investigating that.

if you still go ahead with it post up some pics when its finished. would be great to see something other than bolt on top halves.
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