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OK guys,

I've been scouting around and i think the next phase of my audio life is beginning.

I'm looking at upgrading my front stage, new 4ch amp and sealing my dd.

I'm looking at purchasing -

Crescendo Sonata 4ch amplifier 4 x 100wrms @ 4ohm or 2 x 300wrms @ 4ohm bridged
Morel Ovation 6" 120wrms 4 ohm and 500wmax
sealed box DD2512 powered by an old Alpine MRD1000 v12

Currently I'm running -

kicker 4 x 75wrms amplifier
ddc 6.5" woofers with mb quart crossovers and tweeters front stage
mb quart coaxial 6.5" rear doors
ported dd2512 with the MRD

What I want to obtain from my upgrade -

when i went to the ddc woofers up front i gained midbass but lost some sq definately. i'm looking to regain that and the sub is tuned at about -12 to -14 db in normal conditions so i'd like to go sealed, run a bit more power through it but hopefully obtain more punch / crispness. I'm also upgrading the 4channel as one i think i would benefit from higher wrms per channel into my speakers but also because I can pass all of these speakers and amps to my dad as he has been inspired by my last few builds.

the only thing i'm not so sure about with all of the above is if i should retain the ddc woofers and power them in the rear doors or just keep the front stage on a bridged amp? i think this might be a trial and error question answered by my personal taste.

anyway should have a decision made by end of weekend

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genesis i've been offered

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