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Originally Posted by boostn
haha..I dont care BRO..Thats the way i roll... cruz my way to a record..sorry ant i thought you had a car booked in at a place in vic for a 3/4 chassis vl to be done no expence mistake but if you want the fastest come see me an we can talk ....but if you put a auto in you blue car i will put a single cam on mine..
after hearing that im so geed to see maatouk go faster than 7.90 next meeting not to mention when joe comes back out and ****s everyone up with the full tubs, 7.90 will look like then good old 8.90's

im spewing i disconnected cruise control on mine. now i have to drive the ****er

man, im gonna come out banging gears and running 8.90's one day!
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