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Originally Posted by boostn
I will when there is something to play with!!!!! and about the 170mph when someone does it with a auto i might be impressed. julzs you just have bad taste in workshops thats all havent failed.. if you want to be the fastest all you have to do is ask me champ and i can sort something out for you
good man jim but if i ask you the question youre only going to say full tubs, methanol and twin cam. haha

im old school man, small tyre, c16 single cam, thats where we have competition, at the moment youre right, you have no1 to race except for the pro turbo boys. one day when im back we'll have to tee up a day out, for now im gonna have to be content with banging gears in a 5spd

let me know when youre back out, ill come out and watch
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