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Originally Posted by Niche
I think my 15yr old son would like you He wants me to leave my VLCT
in my will to him, see utube video of him with our pet pigeon at bottom of
my web page from my sig below

Although I'm <cough> just a little older, I go to the gym and work out, I feel
real good and come out feeling like a 20 year old BUT, cant find one when I want one.

he will be a lucky kid then haha
haha what was with the pigeon btw?
hell funny, is it a pet or something?
talking pets hows snakes sound?
haha i got a 3m black-headed python
and 2 pitbulls. theyre my kids haha
how old are you anyway?
maybe we should pm coz we kinda going off subject of the post lol
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