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flblfy and ripvc202 **** up youre pissing me off, is it just me or do you 2 keep preaching the same sh!t.....

My car is not Regency approved for various reasons...sue me.

why everytime ya see a cop worry about defect unless ya scared of gettin pulled over why are ya gonna get pulled over if ya not doing anything wrong just dont be stupid in ya car and ya wont get targeted its as easy as that.
Ive been defected for driving down Main Sth Rd at 930 on a Sunday morning doing 65 in an 80knh zone got pulled over by a laser copper and defected! That blows your theory out the to explain why he pulled me over and im not lying in anyway at all...

Ive had experiences in the past where co(ksuckers have done skids and carried on and its drawn attention to other cars including my own unnecessarily. You say we have nothing to worry about, well, we do! If we are anywhere near this sort of sh!t then the cops will just go for the first modified car they see.

If you did a burnout and I was parked on the side of the road watching, you speed off and leave me there while the cops pull in and start going over my car, would you come back and fess up to your acts? Would any of those punks in that club? Me thinks not.

So a big **** THAT to RCK cruises and your attitude in general. Theres something oh so Elizabeth Downs about the way you 2 come across....
9/11...the new Pearl Harbour-

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