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Originally Posted by madrx3boy View Post
No worries man, I should buy the rest of the stuff first before going to the trouble of making brackets! I'd completely forgotten about these and have been looking into wilwoods - but they are super expensive! I'll probably be able to do the entire Cadillac setup for less than what it would cost to ship a pair of decent wilwood calipers here!

Yeah still have my VL (not the one in my pic, sold that 6 years ago). Have a Royale, in pieces for the foreseeable future haha - working on a turbo LS1 conversion.

Im pretty clueless about cams as well sorry - probably best to talk to a few reputable cam shops to see what they suggest - cam specs are gibberish to me!

Hahahaha yeah you probably should. Just make sure you try get a 3d print of the bracket first to make sure the caliper is in the middle of the disc. I know i got that off by about 5mm in the drawing and changed it in real life only.
The Cadillac calipers are so cheap and I can't fault them. The cert guy was impressed with how well it pulled up.

Ohhhh what. LS1 seems like such a good option. How long you been working on it etc ??

Yeah fair point. I should really start a money box for a rebuilt engine, even if its just stockish parts. Its currently got a piston from my mates garage floor after one of my original ones cracked a ringland.

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