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Originally Posted by 88 Chaser View Post
There is a place in drag racing for h pattern manual cars, especially if Mo was interested in dyno comps??

I believe Sydney runs a fairly fast manual car?
Fast VLs full stop, I think you'll find

Whether it's true or not, the MR guys and Ben who owns TEMPER maintain that the box in the car is totally standard. I know that he has several replacement boxes for if/when the one in the car breaks, but if this is the case surely keeping a manual box alive isn't just about metering the power going through it and waiting for it to die, but rather ensuring that the ancillary hardware supports the combo?

Kind of like matching your stall and tranny cooler to keep your auto functioning in tip-top shape, I'd say that clutch and oil choice have a lot to do with the longevity and health of manual boxes.
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