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Yeah TRY09's motor is "BANGED". It made 750rwhp or 560rwkw NO NOS, 2 bar boost. It was simpily over powering the track running 10" slicks. Oh and it was also running 100hp NOS when at the track, so it had around 850rwhp! It was a combination of over revving and a lean out. done 4 pistons.

evilrb, it can't be to soft mate it has solid shocks in the back.

XTOGVL, yeah needs a 4 link, 9 inch, tubs. it's making over 1000hp now. i'm slightly concerned how i'm going to put power down. I do have the advantage of 4 link, coil overs, 9 inch and mini-tubs. i can only still fit 10" slicks though. See how it goes if i can't get traction might have to tub it! 15x14's!
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