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Are these actually law now? The last I heard they were only proposed changes?

Originally Posted by Catchme> View Post
• Careless driving of a motor vehicle;
• Wilfully starting a motor vehicle or driving a motor vehicle in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke; or

• Driving an illegally modified vehicle
Those are the only things I really have a problem with, and it's not so much a problem, more of a question as to whether or not it will be abused.

Careless driving isn't hooning?
Unnecessary smoke etc - I can understand if it's a huge intentional burnout, but a slight chirp as you come out of a corner or something would be questionable.

And illegally modified cars, it'd have to be a pretty big modification in my books. If it was something as simple as a pod filter/intercooler with a bov or something. Well f*ck me that's a bit harsh.

Police are driving me insane lately, it seems that they've targetted the hoons that long they've forgotten about all the other useless drivers on the road. I don't know if any of you brisbane lads have made it up to Rocky to drive, but if you think it's bad down there, come for a drive up. At least in brisbane most people let you change lanes.

The lack of indicating, running red lights, tailgating, talking on the phone and littering from cars that I see EVERY time I drive is just appauling. Sure, I hate idiots that speed down surburban streets, but I'm starting to hate impatient f*cks that run red lights just as much. Stuff it, I'm emailing QPS today to ask what they're doing about these offenders.
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