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Wasnt wet at the time, so its a fair indication of grip, the final turn onto the straight is very wide as it is now, the turn they want us to use is narrow and has a very solid concrete wall right next to it, hence no run off area under braking. We were using the original track on sunday, which incorperates the drag strip, they very slippery dry drag strip. There were many others cars with far less power than mine looping it in the dry on the main straight, well after the exit of the final turn. If you look at the last picture in post #16 you can see where the drag strip area finishes, the final turn onto the front straight and the amount of room there is for run off under brakes into the final turn, take away run off areas into a braking area and you make for a very very dangerous corner, on a track that is somewhat substandard at best.
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