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First off let me say a big thanks to the over 340 people who have completed the survey so far, it will be running until the end of the May so please if you haven’t already completed it click on the link in the 1st post and help us get as much feedback as we can.
There’s been some great feedback so far, some negative “understandably” but plenty of positive ideas coming through as well.

Some of the things we will be looking at from the feed back received so far are
• Pricing – Entrant & Spectator
• What day the week off street drags are run
• Timing boards in kph & mph also showing 60’ time instead of RT
• How we get updates and Information to the public – racers – spectators
• Use of garages
• Scrutineering rules
• Beginners – how to drag race days
• Burnout comp issues – when/if to run it etc
• Food & drink range & pricing

Please keep the comments coming

Also I would just like to clear up a few items in some of the comments, they regarded the return road, the pits and the timing boards. Understandably some people haven’t been out the Calder for awhile and hadn’t realised these issues had been fixed.
The return road, pits and line up area were fully resealed approx 6 months ago, so no more dust, dirt & stones
The new Timing boards were up and running in March 2005

Now for the latest info

Calder Park

Off Street Drags will be run fortnightly on the following dates

Friday May 16th 2008
Friday May 30th 2008
Friday June 13th 2008
Friday June 27th 2008

Calder Park will then be closed for the months of July & August 2008 for major works including

1. Move the start and finish down the track by some 15 meters
2. Install all new cabling systems for timing etc
3. Move the left hand concrete wall over to the edge of the strip eliminating the current grassed area
4. If time allows we will build a new Drag Race Control centre on the hill in line with the strip centre line. If we run out of time they will do it later in the year.


The first of many big drag race meeting has been confirmed

November 15th ’08 with an contingency of November 16th ‘08
Big Open Drag Race Meeting at Calder Park presented by Australian Motorsport Club and Exesive Motorsport
Most Brackets plus Motorcycles
Lots of Spectator prizes
Really good Competitor Prizes

This will be the first big meeting on the realign drag strip – more details soon…

Adelaide International Raceway

Adelaide International Raceway has started the resurfacing and the drag strip will be finished this week!!!

Once again thanks to everyone who has completed the survey, once completed we will be sitting down and having a good look at what you the public would prefer and hopefully implementing a lot of the ideas put forward.

Also thanks to the forum owners for allowing us to use the forums to keep your Members up to date with what is going on.

Stay tuned more news soon..

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