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HDTF-18 ... and future plans

Hey everyone just thought I'd put up a post about the car I recently bought off good mate wonderboy. For those of you don't know the car or haven't seen it i thought i may as well put up it's current mods and the future plans. As it is now my blue baby has hdt kit with simmons 17's. Motor has high flow turb with bosch 044 pump, surge tank etc a r32 5 speed box and few other bits and pieces which previous owner has told me added up to a touch under 210rwkw. Since getting it have added little luxuries like central locking and remote start alarm and engine rebuild has already begun out at Adelaide Engine Developments. Sourced a rb25 head for it which has been machined already and have bought a gt35/40 turbo for it. The instructions given to Darren out at AED was to build me a motor with over 360rwkw and he has told me it should end up maxing out the gt35/40 's power abilities. It will be low mounted using a 6boost manifold and will be setup to use e85 fuel and because of the large amount of internal work being done he is confident of that power figure on only 14-15psi. Have sourced another bottom end which engine builder will give a freshen up and has already bought some pistons and rods for. About to get a r33 box for it this week with triple plate clutch.
Going to turn it into a four seater using the hdt leather seats from the ve vk retro car. Will be getting wonderboy to drive the car for me on the cruise next week as lost licence for another few weeks yet.

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