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Yeah I seen Chris break his rear end at jambo

He had major wheel hop on the line
Has he fitted solid ear mounts and diff mounts?
Those help eliminate wheel hop alot!

My driveshaft doesn't run the rubber couplers
It's a 3.5" chromoly shaft with 1350 unis and billet adaptors
I've got the solid rearend bushes aswell as trd centre
It's only an a series but it's also still the auto ratio which is better for the strip
Only thing I'm worried about is the diff cover with the solid mounts, there known to crack

We will be setting up the 2step/antilag to get boost on the line
Also the turbo is a 1.28 rear so it's going to have alot of topend

The goal is to hit mid 1.4 60s, even high 1.3s is doable, and hit 110mph by half track
With the power the car makes, 140-150mph is doable with good driving but I'll be happy with mid 130 to start with

Just waiting on my rear tyres to come then I'll go to the track
My built motor is currently getting done aswell so that will probably go in in the next couple months to
That's a 3.2 with billet mains and the works
Also most likely a head done from bullet

I doubt I will cage this car now but will c what happens
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