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They dont tend to look over the cars at a test n tune untill you go quicker then 10.99,if you do that and the car isnt tech'd they will just stop you from racing

But straight from the rule book....
1.Tailshaft loop when quicker then 13.00
2.trans shield when quicker then 10.00
3.shute is needed when you go 140mph or quicker
4.a steel half cage with intrusion bars and a taxi bar gets you legal to 10.00 can be a bolt in,car needs a fixed steel roof
5.a full 6 point cage with taxi and intrusion bars gets you legal to 8.00 in a fixed steel roofed car
6.a proper fixed back race seat for cars running quicker then 10.00
7.4 point harness for quicker then 12.00
5 point harness for cars quicker then 130mph

Theres a **** load of other rules,but thats the main ones,the licences depend on the class yor running etc..
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