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Originally Posted by Yeti
Fuck my head hurts.

End up getting the interior done?
I feel spectacular man, must have been that phone call!

Didn't get the whole interior in, but as much as we could. The front seats are bolted in as you can see, however we have to wait for the sunroof to go in before the rooflining can, and the loom needs to be double checked (by someone other than me) before I'm confident that the dash can be put back in. Regardless, I think the interior looks a lot more complete.

We ticked a few things off the list last night. The brake and clutch hydraulics are bolted in meaning the engine bay looks a little fuller, and the pedal box is now functional. We also degreased (or excavated) the K frame from years worth of dirt and grime ready for paint. The door locks went on, the rear bumper was given final fitment and bolted up, and the dress trims across the top of the rear rear bar went on. We started mounting the chrome trims as well - man, those little screws ruin my life!

I realise I should have posted pics of the RB25 rocker covers we had painted too - ah well, one for another day!

Excuse the photos, I had to work them a little because they were taken at close to 2 this morning:

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