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My poo brown vc

Hey all

I've been trawling these forums for a while now, gaining knowledge and putting it into practice while I can, so while my car is off the road I thought I'd take the opportunity to chuck some pics up of my pride and joy

She's a 1981 vc commodore with a 5l 308 4 speed m21

It's relatively stock, it's got a mild cam and bigger heads, and an upgraded ignition cool, that's about it really

Right now she's off the road while I put a brand new fuel system in it. Got a 105 litre drop tank made. Every time I gave it a boot before I would suck whatever 35 year old **** that was in the tank, up through the carby and motor
After that's done I have a new alloy radiator, pacemaker headers, an edelbrock air cleaner and a few other bits and pieces to go in

Hope you enjoy
Cheers guys

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