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Originally Posted by tempa
The Hummer wasn't even part of the cruise, it was just on the Ring Road when we all were.Of course we had to get some pics of it. It's a mad looking unit that thing !!!!

Good to finally meet you too Spike. You car is looking mint. Did I see you snapping a pic of the back of my car on the Freeway? Would like to see it if you did manage one, when you get them off your mate's camera.

Any one know what the jacks got the yellow BT1 for on the freeway? I think I spotted a yellow sticker on the window...
Yeh dude, I got one even though this was off my brothers ****ty 4mp camera.
Plus it was rather windy through the roof... lol

He got done for breather on the catch can and a pod filter.
We only saw one cop car, but apparently there were 2

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