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Originally Posted by BigM22 View Post
Is it spluttering or leaning towards a misfire when you load it up? Or is it just a slug?

Also im not sure if advancing your timing like that is a good idea. My understanding would be to keep your ignition timing advanced a few degrees (This is where your increase will come from) and reset your cam timing to standard (It'll probably be over advanced), in order to get more responsive power.
How did you alter the cam timing btw?

Over-advancing the timing will also cause a loss in torque that you're speaking of

Nah the engine has no diagnosable issues, it runs like a strong healthy motor. The issue is that before i tampered with the cam and ignition timing it still lacked that bottom end torque.

just took the cam gear off rotated the motor and put it back on advancing by a tooth which i think is about 7 degrees from my understanding. Keeping in mind that it did make a decent improvement from standard but the low end torque stayed practically the same to stock.

Both the timing advances make a noticeable difference for instance if i was to put the ignition timing back to 15 degrees, the low end torque becomes even weaker.

From what ive experienced the cam timing advance just made the power come in at 2500 instead of 3000. I think my best bet is a dino run or checking all the electrics.

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