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Originally Posted by Jet R31 View Post
Can you get the big brake kits over 17's inch rims?, if so you could always
get the GTO american monaro spec 17 inch spacesavers(not the Aus spec 15's) and buy 17 inch bias ply frontrunners for the drags, its what the supra
guys in the states use as a cheap drag package, they look not to bad either
dont think so darren on the harrop website it says the 381mm rotors need 19's as min and just looking on a commodores website where a guy with a ve has the 356mm rotors on rear (same as mine) he said there was about 3mm gap between rim and calliper with an 18" rim on. Ive hear people talking on different forums about some 18's coming out with some ok rubber for the strip. Although as stated this car is mainly for show and street i do still want to get it down the 1/4 mile an with a manual box and over 400rwkw I'm going to need some slicks and hopefully there is some solution without having to take brakes on and off
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