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Originally Posted by foxygirl
yeah cool
coz i wanna do something that could lead off into airbrushing
coz im a sweeet artisst

I did an auto painting course at Carlisle Tafe - I was the only Chick there, Was prittty sweeet, and they did alot of airbrushing - Finish that course and your set, I work at a smash repairs now, and i do airbrush work on weekends for exrta cash, its Hell sweet! Good luck Dudette!


LOL, Well im 17 and im a chick with a VLC V8 - Had the beast for ages and ages now! Have also been on the site for a while, but havent posted in here yet, so yeah i thawt ide better! You all no me as Sn1p3r, and some of you have even spotted me haha!!! and most of you even think im a guy lol... anyways Im Kels, i'll most proberly buy sumthing off you or have a sick yarn about stroking out 308 or other random things haha!!! YEEEEUW!!! now that i made my statement! Have a sick days Guys and Gals!!!


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