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Originally Posted by RARE88 View Post
What do you mean the plates are around the wrong way? You do realise the polariser sits behind those tags yes?

The only thing wrong with this car is the asking price..70k is a little far fetched.... he's had this car since 1989, so there's a lot of sentimental value there & I think this guy is nearly in his 70's

As for the wheel, I think he has his original one in a box and has this as his used wheel.

Its a great GENUINE car & probably one of the highest optioned V8 LE out there(no sunroof)... I've tried to buy it a couple of times before this ad appeared but not at 70k

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Little harsh mate, the cars 30years old & driven(enjoyed) & not hidden.
I do realise the polariser sits behind those tags, it does not however give reason as o why the ID plates are the wrong way around, absolutely no reason, it means tags have been off the car at some stage and when re installed done so incorrectly by order
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