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Sold the Supersports.

Got into Uni and leaving home, however Calais will stay in storage there. When i come back during holidays etc going to spend some cosmetics/necessities which need to be done. The other day i serviced her on due date, Plus got some new Spark Plugs for her.

Have budget.

"Super Clean Original Calais"

The List to Be Completed: 25th Dec 2013

Take to sparky to fix:
- Air Conditioner + controller
- Central Locking
- Ask about an Alarm
- New Fuses

- Paint around Windows Black
- New Bushes ( Full suspension check over ) + New sway bars.
- New Wheels Bearings
- 2 New Front Tyres
- Remove Whitewalls
- New exhaust Rubber
- Drop Diff Oil
- New disks all round + vlt calipers + master cylinder.
- Spray Wheel Wells Black
- Front Seats Re-trim ( Genuine Leather )
- Need new Cluster Hood/Vent/Dash Piece.
- New rear lights and Garnish + Surround Pieces.
- New Power steering unit + belt
- Spark plug leads.
- May put the Superlows back in the back
- Detail Under Carriage.
- Rewire Factory Headunit.

List to be Completed: 25th Dec 2014 + 2015.

- Engine + Gearbox Out
- Full Respray (open door) Rust repairs on front and rear windows (very minor)
in Alpine and asteroid + black along bottom. QLD Painters/Shops recommended ?? Plus some smoothing in bay.
- Factory Turbo Setup ( searching from now onwards ) No inter-cooler etc ( original ) May have one lined up.
- Recondition gearbox + new tailshaft + Rebuilt LSD. Unsure on Final Drive.
- Sneaky boost, water, pressure, volts gauges in glove box.

May add to as project comes along but as for now updates will be slow as I'm away from where the Calais is stored.

Cheers guys. Add if you like.

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For its last detail/cruise before i move.

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