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what boost does colin run to get his 10s?
andy has a smaller turbo than him
I believe colin runs about 26psi to make nearly 430rwhp.. let kyle correct me if im wrong but im pretty close i think, however im pretty sure 430 is just his best rwhp, not necessarily wat he ran the 10 with. Its also a standard head troy, with standard valves. Its also a calais with pretty much all the options.

be great if he cracks 10s
would love to see it myself
Yeh same... would be awesome to watch. hopefully with the cooler nights rolling in and andy not far off finalising things with his car he'll bring it out and blow some 10's into the tyres.. I believe personally hes got the hardware to do it no doubt.. regardless of weather colins turbo is bigger ??

Anyway. Peace .

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