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Originally Posted by ISL33P
good stuff. top 20 updated.
also added an asterik for cars that have not been out/run their car for the last 1-2+ yrs. dissapointing to say that 10 of the 20 are no longer about, but seems of late people are making up for lost time.

word around the "pits" is that there are going to be some of nsw's most recent heavy hitters, both from the gong and sydney, out at heatcote next weekend taking it up to the victorians. can wait to see some results from that.

also just remembered Deni OOH-30T i seen run a 11.4 @ ??? which would make it 20th.
Deni, if you are out there, what was the mph ?
still here ariel, im never far away lol... 11.7 was actually the fastest i went back in 04 so ill have to come off the list for a little longer. but keep an eye on this space cause things are starting to move along now. the vl was put on the backburner these last few months due to personal issues(nothing bad) but im happy to say as of this week things are full steam ahead!!
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