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Originally Posted by ShAz
my car is blue over silver, yes my car is pretty stock i didn't buy it to go "racing" on the street i bought it to drive which is what i was doing.

oh now i know who u r! u were the guy that kept slowing down next to me revving his engine all the time! i was bout ready to turn off the damn road and go out of my way to get home, that's so annoying, i was just cruising home tired as minding my own business.

Thanks for saying my car looks mint, i was looking at ur car thinking it was heaps nice, sounds tuff too. But dunno y u would have thought i would have bothered racing u in my stock vl on gas

vl turbs on gas in SA? first ive seen. well it was 3 or 4am and ppl arnt usually out in fast cars unless they wanna race. thats why i was there. i reckon u should race me next time. i dont thrash cars either, but there's no harm in flattening it occasionally. otherwise unbolt the turbo and give it to someone who will put it to good use. is a nice looking calais tho, would like to have a look close up.

also, i wasnt to know it was stock, thats why i wanted a race to find out. anyway, nice car, and shame on u for being more mature than me.
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