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Originally Posted by MR VLT
spotted a red ova silver vlt last nite killing a ferrari f355
the look on the guys face price less
i told corran 2 ask him "Wats the retail on 1 of those" but we thought he mite feel even worse
YES, beating an exotic is awesome, and the look on there face is priceless like you said. BUT..... being in a ferrari, knowing everyone out there is looking, envious that you have one, very few people will ever own one, now to put a price on that feeling, that's priceless.
Exotics aren't 3 spd auto with stall converters and low diff ratios that get a little over 200-odd KPH, they are geared to pull 11's-mainly low mid 12's, that pull 300KPH.

And i'm sure you would swap your VL anyday, just like i would to own that ferrari, its all about prestige, and cruising around town, i know what i would rather be in.Only a small percentage of people look at VLT's, every1 drools
over ferrari's, even people that dont like cars, they all know what a ferrari is.
Anyone can buy a VLT, and spend $20K on a mods, not everyone can own a ferrari. thats the point im trying to make.

Anyway, your car is making very good power indeed never the less.well done.

Please dont take that as personal attack, just trying to state that, they are in different legues. Your's and my old VLT would be faster over the 1/4 than any ferrari, lamborghini,porsche out there, but i know what i'd rather anyday, these cars have it all, ours only go in a straight line!!

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