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Ok i think the small bit of information on here is safe. Street names and times the cars are parked are not given as that info would cause a car to get stolen.

For instance the information may be white over silver calais turbo in norward.
A thief would have to travel to or be in the norward area. Then have to drive through all the streets in the area looking for this car. More than likley he/she may come across more than one CT and then have to pick which to steal.
But even then u have to consider if a thief did do this and drive through the streets looking for a VL he/she may see a red skyline or a VT Gen 3 or some other car of value and prefer to steal that anyhow.

More than likely a thief is a person who will causually be driving a round , see a car and say im gonna pinch that. Then follow that car around and trail it to find out where the guy lives etc. As what has happened in the "car thieves WARNING" thread by sprigzy

And as for police would love the information. There are pictures of our cars on here with our rego numbers. With that info they would have our home adresses , names and where u like to fart in the morning :P all on file
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