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lol for those who arent members, heres my arms at the moment.

Cant be stuffed explaining it again, so heres a copy/paste from the members lol
'Nah it started on saturday, but didnt really take much notice cause it was only small, then monday morning it was pretty bad, and i was starting to feel really ill. Went in to work, bout 11 mum called up just asked how i was feeling, told her i had a headache and such, she said that her friend (a nurse) said that that sort of stuff could be meningacocal, so i decided to leave work to go to the doctors, get a check up, see what they say. Couple of hours later, id had my appointment, then had to have blood tests, had to get samples taken from my tonsil, throat and urine lol, and the doctor said its similar to meningacocal but its not deadly, so hes not too worried at the moment, but supposibly it can lead to heart, lung and joint problems.... lol so the tests will show if its effected my heart of lungs. Neither him or I are really very worried though.'
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