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Originally Posted by sky30
Wyndup- how many trans have you got built through MV?
First time I had it done, ran it in for 500kms as instructed...very first night I took it out and gave it a bit of curry it blew! I clicked 2nd gear at about 4000rpm in 1st gears!
He rebuilt it but I had to pay to get thing towed, $65!....apparently the trans pump had run dry or swallowed air or something so he put a deeper pan on it.
This time round it died a slower death, started ratlling like a tailshaft uni then started losing gears, first no overdrive then no 3rd gear...had to drive it home in 2nd. Got it home, was ***n round with it in my driveway and clunk no gears again...withing the space of 20kms it was f ukd again.
Its only done about 8000kms. Now 1000kms of that was running my motor in and 2x500kms was running the trans in...Not impressed.
Calling him shortly. Im not out to slander the guys (sky30 edit your post to remove names) name but f uck if you claim to be a performance trans builder
then build them to last...
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