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Whered you pull the magical figure of 15 psi? Was that what your rota was running when it blew up? neways enough about rotas. I'll kick my SOHC running more than your magical figure of 15psi, by saying any vlt, even a high compression engine with a t3 would be able to run more than 15 psi, but for how long, i've got no idea.

Remind me again, where I said in my post it would "FLOW" as good as a 25 or 26 head, cause im having trouble finding it. I said it will bring it up to "about" the same standard as a standard 25/26 head, as you would spend 200 on a cam, 100 on valve springs and give it abit of a dyegrind yourself, which would probs add the 30 hp gain you get from a standard dohc.

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you were past me, still accelerating- Jason.
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The Torana would have won - Jason.
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