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My last car was a project of mine to see what sort of times I could get out of a VL turbo on a budget, doing all the work myself.
The $2000 beast was a na conversion with 9:1 compression. The exhaust was sold to a dude from here. Shift kit and oil cooler were installed. 3.89 diff gears were put in and the spider gears were welded up (i am dodgey). The turbo compressor cover received some porting and polishing. The wastegate hole was opened up on the otherwise standard T3. I modified the standard dump with a screamer pipe which finished at the 3 bolt flange. This was the extent of my exhaust as it was a strip only car. Boost cranked to a 8 psi. Interior was decked out with gauges and a pro ratchet shifter. This ran a 13.8 @ 108 mph fish tailing for the first 60ft and chirping 3rd.
I then installed a fully tricked up auto and 3500 stally but sold the car before I raced it. Test drives were tyre fryers.
PM me for Jatco shift kits
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