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I just wanted to start a thread where all the north Queenlanders could describe their cars and write down what sort of mods they have done.
This can help put a car to a name so we can disregard posts from people who drive around in their mates mum's mazda 121.

I drive a white over silver berlina with a calias front, 5 spoke mags and sticker. Only had this car for a few months so mods are limited to KEAS stage 3 shift kit and oil cooler, 3" exhuast dump to tip, K&N pod and boosted to 10 psi. I will soon be installing an intercooler and boosting till auto dies or detonation which ever comes first. The auto will then be receiving some of KEAS finest internals. Perhaps some smaller diff gears like 3.7's as the 3.89s in my last VL were a bit too short.

PM me for Jatco shift kits

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