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Originally Posted by ExecTurbo
mick: great price.. should sell... (If i hadnt just bought the VL-T 2 months ago, i'd buy it..)

Brett: If you want an auto to be "fun" get a stage 3 shift kit, full manual valve body and a 3000/3500 converter.. then you have to do all the shifts yourself, without the hassle of having a clutch. You can chirp 2nd and 3rd, you can launch from lights like a ****head, get to full boost faster than you can push out a ****... and you wont go through clutches like baby's go through nappies... also, with an auto you can get remote start fitted.. way cool.

I want a clutch. Im not a slack driver :P AND apart from the money factor of doing that, its just like driving a normal automatic, using 1, 2, 3 and drive?

I dunno, Im just a manual lover. If I ever got serious about racing though I MAY change my mind and spent a ****load on a good auto. With my 1st year apprentice wage at ergon atm, I cant see that happening until maybe another 2 years -- IF I wanted to swap to auto.
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