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December/January 2004-2005

Hey Everyone,

I know it's late again, i'll make a conscious effort to bring the letters in earlier..

Calais Turbo Car Club
This is nearly complete, just working on the final Constitution. As soon as it’s done I’ll get it posted up so everyone can scrutinize it. Still have a few details to work out, trying to follow the individual rules of every state is getting confusing. Merchandise
Members will be aware that we currently have some limited merchandise available. Currently they are only on offer to members but as of Monday the 24th of Jan, I will be taking orders from all users. The current Merchandise can be seen by selecting the “Merchandise” link along the top.

You will have to be using “Forum Style 4” (the forum should look blue.. not red) which can be changed in your User Control Panel

What’s been happening? And what’s happening?

-Warrnambool Street Drags, Sunday 23rd January
-Warrnambool Car Show, Feburary 13th - 2005
-Melbourne - Tsunami '04 Charity Cruise cruise #01 for 2005 Pics
-Gippsland Dragway December 12th *Pics

-Summernats, well their are a fair few threads with pics of the Nats floating around, do a quick search in the NSW and General VLT section.
-"airbagedVLT-wagon" is organising a cruise on the 30Th January, you can have a look here for the latest details .
-An Australia Day cruise is being Organised, you can check out the details here.

-Theirs a Meet up happening on the Wednesday 26th January you can see the info here.
-More stuff happeningm but you QLD guys talk to much and i can't make heads or tails out of it. So every one check out the QLD section.

-Motorvation '05 was on in WA, With first ever official stand. The guys and girls put allot of effort into making it a success and i think they succeeded. A big congratulations to vl_stunner for winning "best lady cruiser"
-Pictures can be seen throughout the forum but here’s a quick few of the CT stand.

SA & VLSA are holding a cruise on the 22nd of Jan. I suggest every one from SA make the effort and go as it's looking like it's going the turn out quite good. More information on the event can be seen here.

-C'mon guy's and girls, organise something and show of your rides...

NT, NZ, Overseas
-As above, i want to put a link here someday... Especially you NT guy's, theirs a few of you now.. even if it's a cruise of 3 cars.

New Memebers

72 of 150

Welcome to all, enjoy your stay in the members lounge

P.S. if you want your event to come up in next months newsletter send me a PM and I will make sure to include it. Also any thing you think worth while mentioning let me know.
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