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Due to some recent activities I think a Disclaimer is necessary for the members lounge.


By becoming a member, gold or normal, you agree to the following.

1. You have read the disclaimer before you signed up to this forum and agree to everything said in it.

2. You can post in the members only section whatever you want, but there are a few things that are not accepted:
- Pornography of any sort (links/pics/vids) will not be tolerated, if you want porn download Kazza.
- Offensive material is not allowed… (very broad but I think you will know if it is offensive)

3. or anyone connected to it take no responsibility what is said in the members section. It is a loosely moderated section. If you find something offensive or something that bothers you, rather than kick up a stink you will contact me or another moderator to deal with it. If I have done something to offend you, speak to the mods, I am not totally above them, so don’t be scared.

4. What is posted in the members sections will stay in the members section.

5. You agree to not give your access to other users/people. Your account is for you. If you are caught (and you inevitably will be if you do it) giving access to non-members you agree to abide by the punishment (banning) handed out by myself or the mods.

Very simple rules I think. It is sad that this has to be said, but guys girls don’t let it stop you from having fun and saying what you feel.

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