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October/November 2004

(a long letter..)

Membership cards.

If you have not received yours let me know you should all have them, except people that have signed up in the last week they will be sent out today (Friday).


As most of you have noticed the site has been struggling, “platinum” has been doing the best with what we have to try help alleviate the problem…. It did work for a while but the site keeps getting bigger with more people jumping on and registering every day. As the announcement says (which I hope everyone has read, it’s at the top of every forum section) we have just acquired a new server. Transfer of the site should be complete in a few days, so if you notice the site is down please don’t stress, it’ll be back up ASAP (hopefully it wont go down, but you never know.)

Continuing on from that we beat our last record of 294 users online at one time, it is now:
350 users, on the 23-10-04 at 00:39
What that many people were doing online at that time is beyond me…


Branko’s Performance Parts and Radiators have signed on as a sponsor offering all CT users great discount prices on a range of parts, with monthly specials. Make sure you use this sponsor to your advantage.

What’s been happening?

A few users have beaten their own records:

James ran a 9.5 @ 142.9 mph at Calder park, full details can be found in the general section and a video is available if you want to watch it.

Garan’s MYT16 ran 9.3 @ 147mph making it the first 9 second pass for a qld built vl.

PSI-02C ran a 12.987 @ 104mph at WSID with 199rwkw and running a rb20.

Also VLMuzza was recently on CH-31 (a free to air channel in Melb), I mentioned a while ago they were following him around Calder park when we had a Melbourne cruise their, I didn’t get to watch it but hopefully we can get a copy and we will host it for every to download.

What’s happened/happening around you area.

-CalaisTurbo cruise No.5 is scheduled to happen on November 28th, so show your support for the site and turn up. More details can be found in the NSW section.

-Nothing much going on. But all you NZ people have a great offer going. There is a very well know car up for grabs HSVSUX (if it was in Aus it would be gone already), details about the car can be found in the Cars for sale section and the NZ section. Don’t let this pass as it will be the only chance you get to own something so proven.


-Their was an “Extreme horsepower supercruise” on the 24/10/04.
-Also a Mega Cruise held on the 8/10/04.
Details about these can be seen in the SA section.

-Still organizing for Motovation 2005, if you want to join the guys get in quick as I think application time has nearly ran out. Let the guys know if your showing up.
On the 21/11/04 their will be a Cruise and BBQ.

-Their was a Wivenheo Dam Cruise on the 31/10/04. Pictures and info about the cruise can be seen in the WA section..
-A “Size Does Matter Cruise” is being organised for the 14th of this month, with a few prizes for different classes, have a read and let the guys/girls know if you can go along.

-Another Calder Park cruise is being organised for the 19th of this month. With the success of the last one let’s try do it again. A small cruise for around Melbourne to collect everyone and then head up to Calder park to watch the drags. Hope fully all the workshops will turn up like last time and show us what they can do.
-Gippsland Dragway 1/8th mile was held on the 24/10/04, pics and info can bee seen in the VIC section
-Spring Nats is scheduled for November 26th, 27th & 28th
-Casterton Drags will be held on the 6th and 7th of November
-Ballarat Drags were on the 24th October
- A bit early but on the 12th December their will be drags at Gippsland Dragway in Bairnsdale. If 10 VLT’s can show up they will have a VLT class trophy. I’m hopefully going to go along see what my VL can do, so if your free that date take trip, and you might win something.

-Should be back up and running as soon as we get on the new server, but I can tell you we chewed up through nearly 100gb of bandwidth, new server will be offering allot more.
-Topic Views, as some people have noticed they are not working. They were turned off to help alleviate some stress on the server, but again, it will be up and running with the new server.

New Memebers

pigsy qld

Welcome guys, and enjoy the members lounge


P.S. if you want your event to come up in next months newsletter send me a PM and I will make sure to include it. Also any thing you think worth while mentioning let me know.

Also, a big shout out to Petros , and when we going to see an update of Grimace #2 ?

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