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Where are they now - VL's from

I have been going through many different threads on during 2018 and wondered where are many of these VL's now. I spent a lot of painstaking time capturing pictures from all sorts of posts and intend on posting them on this thread to see if anyone knows where each particular car is now. Is it in a different state or territory, is it written off/ wrecked,is it painted another colour now, is it stored away as part of someones collection or has it been turned into a drag track or skid pig car? Please do not post actual addresses just the state or suburb or first name only of the current owner as we don't want undesirable people reading the thread to locate and steal our VL's. I guess this thread won't go far if I cant post any pictures. I'm using TinyPic to create a image for posting in forums like this. If successful you will see many pictures of many different VL's here and if you know the current situation with any particular VL then please place a comment relating to that particular picture.
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