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Originally Posted by madrx3boy View Post
Yeah some Nissan 2-pots might be an option. Couple of questions I thought ght of with the Caddy calipers:
Did you have to swap the bleeder valves around, so they're at the top when you mount them in the VL? (As I believe the ATS has the calipers mounted on the trailing end)

And when looking at the face of the rotor (where the wheel would sit), does the caliper stick out further? Or sit flush? Or back from the rotor face? Bit hard to explain sorry!

Oh the car was always going to have a turbo, I toyed with the idea of RB30ET, RB30ETT, turbo on the Injected 5L, or LS turbo. Settled on the LS as they're easy to make lots of power from. No build thread yet, one day that might happen!
Ahhh nah I think I maybe just put the left on the right and the right on the left. Been a while since I looked at them.

Do you mean left to right like the drawing or as if the caliper was coming closer to your face ?

You can only go as small as an 18 inch rim according to the guy who's mod thread I followed says. A 17 might squeeze on.
If you mean the caliper coming toward your face. I'd have to get measurements off a stock one and compare. It probably comes closer to your
face by a small bit, but the modern designed caliper might not be much thicker then the old sliding setup. All just ball park though without actual measurements.
Would be interesting to see if it's past the face of the disc where the back of the rim would sit. Never thought to look

Do you have fb. Easier to chat then this old schoolness even though it's keeping CT alive
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