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Originally Posted by madrx3boy View Post
Thanks for the advice! I'd also like to see if I can find some rear calipers in the same sort of style as the fronts, maybe 2-pot versions if they exists. The ATS-V rears seem to just be standard single-pot floating types.

I bought the car 2 and a bit years ago, it sat around til the end of that year then I sold the motor and box. Bought an injected 5L, then soon after I spotted an LS1 for a good price so made the decision then and there to buy it and do a turbo conversion on it.

It's costing a fair bit to do though, which is why it's taking so long! Also because I want to do it all at once - brakes, diff, suspension. I've got the same XYZ setup as you - fronts are in and man I see what you mean about how low they can go!

I think I need to start a money box too haha
Maybe if you used some skyline rears or something ? Not sure what the Americans use for upgrades like that. Maybe 350z?
This might help you with ideas if you can fabricate - same guy I copied for the front brake setup.

What made you decide to go turbo on the LS1 and not just run it NA with a cam, extractors and a tune? You got a build thread somewhere ?

Fair enough wanting to do it all at the same time. Save going back over old stuff. I can't compare the XYZs to anything but the standard setup but dam they are a game changer. Still soft enough for the street but handle pukekohe well.

You've really got me thinking about the cam. Time to get lost in a few hours of youtube.

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