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Originally Posted by madrx3boy View Post
Hey bro would you mind sending me those drawings? Cheers!
**** i hope i got around to sending those drawings.

Just got back from 6 months travel. Keen drive this around for a bit. Needs the cert plate to be fitted, a WOF and a fresh tank of E85 and hit the road.

See how it goes. Not happy with how laggy it is. Going to see if i can get a smaller exhaust housing or get a Garret T3/T4 60-1. Toyota Northshore seems to have them at a very reasonable price (About $1250).

Pics because thats why everyones really here right

Current exh housing. Most relevant size reference
Seems to be a 13cm housing and from hours of google it seems an 11cm is available. If it fits or not is the question then the issue of actually finding one.
I did see an rb25det exh housing massaged onto a K27 floating around on trademe for about a month but its gone. So there's some potential.

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